Turn your plans into a smart coach

Supports all plans, guides or ebooks including:

Content at the right time

Once Calis knows your plan, it makes sure the right trainings or recipes are delivered just when it is best for users to achieve results.

Wow with interactive experience

Each plan comes with its own flavour. Calis provides individual, intelligent and delightful experiences in Messenger from first hello to happy user and beyond.

Allow peace of mind

Users don’t bother scrolling PDFs? Printing them? Consuming long texts or videos? Calis understands this and provides the right depth of information at the right time.

Lead them to success

No matter whether your plan is focused on fitness, mindset or nutrition, your users don’t miss a task again with Calis in charge.

Works with any plan

Provide Calis your plan in any format: PDF, Excel, Video subscriptions, a Website or any other and start offering motivating experiences to your users.

Offer smart Upsells

Data-driven up- and cross-sells in Messenger are awesome, and you probably want to do them. Generate extra revenue and move away from one-time transactions.

Boost conversion rates

Be the amazing marketer you were destined to be. Let users experience the full magic of your product with trial periods to get more conversions.

Retain valuable users

Set users up for success with intelligent onboarding. Forget spammy email notifications and become amazing in keeping your users for sustainable growth.

Get in-the-moment feedback

There’s always room to be better. Calis collects real-time feedback according to your individual plan to improve your product and business.

Know your users

Ever wondered how users actually use your plan? Understand where your users are struggling and where they succeed with incredible insights into user behaviour patterns.

Turn insights into advantages

Calis shows you how well you’re serving your users on a micro-interaction level so you can optimize your plans down to the daily steps

Control your virality

Let users share your plan in an environment controllable by payment gateways and exactly know how many excited users share your plan.

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